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A Gallery of
Schoenhut Collectibles

Here are a few pictures of some of the Schoenhut toys and dolls
that we collect.

We collect the Humpty Dumpty Circus
to create our personal toy circus displays.

We collect the beautiful Schoenhut Dolls
Some like to make suits and dresses for them

Schoenhut made over 100 styles and sizes of Rolly Dollys - we want them all.

They made Pull Toys - some with Chimes

Schoenhut's toy musical instruments were popular with children in the 1920s and are popular with collectors today.



They made doll-size furniture

And they made doll houses and the furniture for them.

Games of All Kinds

Wooden Builder Sets


Craft Toys

Pond Boats of Many Kinds

Riding Playthings