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Fun with the Snowman Greeting the Season
Display of Schoenhut Dolls by Kay Curtis

The Schoenhut Collectors' Club
promotes the collecting, preservation, and research of the dolls, toys, and games produced by the A. Schoenhut Co.
and its successor companies.

- Our 2023 Convention -
Oct 29, 30, and 31
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Our 2023 convention will be held in historic Charleston, South Carolina at the Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina - near the Yorktown aircraft carrier.  This the best water front resort hotel in the Charleston area.  Charleston is the Best Small City in the U.S. according to Conde Nast Traveler.

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We will have more information in the March 2023 Magazine.  Our plans are still developing.


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Visiting this site but not a club member?  Welcome - we hope you are now or want to be an antique toy or doll collector especially of those very fine wooden ones made by the Schoenhut toy company.  Join us so you can have access to the best Humpty Dumpty circus identification guide plus descriptions and pictures of most of Schoenhut's products. 

As a member, you will also have access to the Club's archives of all of its past Newsletters and Magazines back to the 1970s with their great articles and photographs of Schoenhut products.

The world's best experts on these dolls and toys contribute to this Website.  We publish, four times a year, a very high quality, full color magazine.

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Video by Kathy Gregg

This is an example of Schoenhut's
 high-quality wooden dolls.  They were made in many styles and sizes.

If your toy or doll club has an upcoming event that you wish us to announce here on our Website or in our Magazine, contact us.

Some of our recent Magazines

Each 20-page, full color magazine is mailed to Club members in a poly envelope by first class US mail,  four times a year - in March, June, September, and December

Members of the Schoenhut family of toy makers immigrated to the United States in the1860s from Germany.  Albert Schoenhut started the company in 1872 in Philadelphia PA making toy pianos that he had invented.

The Humpty Dumpty circus

The Humpty Dumpty circus was produced by Schoenhut in various styles between 1903 and 1935.  Collectors construct their own circus displays from the many animals, actors, and accessories.  Since this toy line was very popular in its day, there are still many surviving pieces. Club members have access to a comprehensive and up-to-date Identification Guide to the Humpty Dumpty circus.

Man with Bowler Hat
One of many collectible
Schoenhut Rolly Dollys
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